Teresa’s Family

Meet Teresa’s Family!
Raeanne, Jeff, Teresa, Jack

My name is Teresa Moseler and it is an honor to share pieces of our lives in this blog with you.  Thank you for letting me ramble, boast proud parent moments and for the ability to let this be a platform to voice my tough days.  I am married to an amazing man who is my best friend and has really helped me be patient along this journey we call parenting with autism.  We just celebrated 24 years together so I think that means we are really old now.  We have 2 kids, Raeanne (18) and Jack (16) who are the best things that came into our lives on this earth.  Jack was diagnosed in the 2nd grade with Aspergers and that diagnosis has forever rocked our world.  We have had many challenging moments, times of denial, fights, sleeping on the couch, yelling at the kids, living with regrets, hugs, walking on eggshells, locking yourself in the bathroom to get away from the madness and too many times crying yourself to sleep. Let me be the first to tell you, we couldn’t do this journey without Christ in our lives.  He resides in our house, He’s the one we cry out to when we have nothing left, He’s the one that blesses us beyond belief and the one who trusted us enough with this precious boy who just so happens to have Aspergers.  Aspergers is a gift.  You heard me right, Aspergers is a gift from God.  I hope to share more of this in the posts to come.

Jack's Mom

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