I Was Called… And So Are You!

Since I was little, all I wanted to do was be a mom. Going to the park and playing with my kids, getting involved in school, being a room mom, planning crafts and fun outings. That was what I dreamed of. After lots of issues with infertility, we decided to adopt domestically. We brought Marissa home from the hospital in 2010. My dreams were finally coming true. See what I did there – “My” dreams.

When Marissa was diagnosed with Autism in 2014, I never once thought, well “I guess I’m done being a mom.” Of course not! We adjusted and figured it out. “My” dreams were conforming to what God had in mind for us. We no longer knew what to do and lost control, that is when we got to see God’s strength and direction. That is when God reminded us to rely on Him. I had worked with kids my whole life, but this diagnosis – I was not ready for it. I was clueless! Those first few years were a blur of meetings, therapy and lots of learning. Ask any special needs parent if they thought they were prepared to be a parent to their child and I’m pretty sure you will get the same answer. No way! I’m thankful that God has confidence in my husband and I to raise Marissa. I have to remind myself often that God chose me to be a mom to Marissa and that I’m fully capable because of God’s help.

Since the diagnosis, there has been so much continued learning and growing on my part and Marissa’s part. We’ve been through many great moments and many not so great moments. Many I will share in the months ahead. Over the past year, I felt like I needed to share some of the things parents of special needs kids deal with on a day to day basis. So in April, I started a #AutismAwareness thread of stories on social media for my friends and family to read. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing them. I then started writing articles for a local Autism Support group news letter.

I’ve discovered how much I enjoyed writing for others! Writing has always been my way to “get things out.” I have journaled for years. I share my honest thoughts and prayers in my journals. (They may need to be burned so no one finds them!) It helps me to write things down. It has always been my way of moving on and getting the thoughts out of my head. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night have have to write things down so I can get back to sleep! (Crazy right?!?) It is like therapy for me. I love my writing time! I thought, why not share them with others, maybe others are struggling with some of the things I have been. Sometimes, finding someone that understands is half the battle!

So, where are you on your journey? Life is tough, but God has confidence in you. He created you with a special purpose in mind. What is one thing that wasn’t a part of “your dream,” but now feel blessed by it? If you feel comfortable, share it below in the comments.

Marissa's Mom

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