Jack’s Story

Our “little man” Jack is 16 years old and has a gift given by God called, Aspergers.  I have always loved the name “Jack”.  It’s so rugged, vintage, down to earth; a name you would imagine hearing a sports announcer shouting, “Number 16, Jack Moseler just intercepted…what a move….nobody can stop him… TOUCHDOWN!”.  Or what a solid name for a famous actor, a scientist or someone who won the Nobel Peace Prize.  Jack means in many languages, God is gracious. 

Jack has always been our little man.  He was such an easy going baby.  Rarely cried, so compliant, creature of habit and boy is he smart.  It wasn’t until he was 3 when he finally spoke more than just a handful of words.  Why would he want to talk?  He had his sister, 18 months older who was a little mommy and a chatter box.  Jack was officially diagnosed with Aspergers in the 2nd grade.  The school hinted at it back in kindergarten.  We ignored them.  We didn’t want to tell him, we didn’t want it to be used as a crutch…we didn’t want him to think he had something wrong with him.  However, one day just before Christmas in 3rd grade he came to us and asked why he was different than the other kids.  Here is where our adventure begins.  We have accumulated way too many stories of this little man that will melt your heart by his cuteness, his wit but I will also share the stories of the pain and times of darkness experienced on this journey of raising a young man with Aspergers.  If we didn’t have Jesus on this journey we would have ruined this boy I’m sure.  Our savior has taught us mercy, unconditional love, joy and peace.  Without it, our home would not be a thriving environment for this young man.  Our journey is not done yet.  We still have to get him out into this world full-time and not end up in our basement when he’s 30!  We’ve come a long way, we’ve overcome some very tough things.  This kid has worked so hard.  When Jack was diagnosed, my boss said “I’m so sorry about that”.  Having Aspergers is not a pity story.  His purpose in life is yet to be discovered.  There is nothing to be sorry about.  Aspergers is a gift!  I’m honored to be able to share these Asperger life moments with you.  Maybe even Jack will share from time or two.